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Unleashing the Power: A Review of the Kelly B Glidings 128 Kong vs 124 Road Glide Black Horse Race

Discover the thrilling race between the Kelly B Glidings 128 Kong and the 124 Road Glide Black Horse. Explore the performance of these high-powered bikes and the impact of peer pressure on decision-making during the race.

The Powerhouses

⚑️The 124 Road Glide boasts 145 ftlb of torque and 139 horsepower.

🏍️Features a 12 28 sport touring kit, 21-inch front wheel, and 18-inch rear wheel.

Peer Pressure Dilemma

πŸ€”Decision to ride with high-performance bikes despite reservations about illegal activities.

🚦Group consists of various aftermarket built bikes including 121, 131, and 128.

⚠️Emphasis on cruising and caution to family members during the ride.

Regrets and Reflections

😞Peer pressure influenced decision to race, leading to regret for not sticking to initial judgment.

🧠Reflecting on being a grown man and not letting peer pressure affect decisions.

❌Expressing regret for allowing peer pressure to override initial instincts in the race.

Performance Showdown

🏁Kelly B Glidings took an early lead but was eventually overtaken during the race.

πŸ‘Kelly B Glidings showed sportsmanship and positivity despite the outcome.


What is the horsepower of the 124 Road Glide?

The 124 Road Glide has 139 horsepower.

What influenced the decision to race despite reservations?

Peer pressure played a significant role in the decision.

How did Kelly B Glidings react to losing the lead in the race?

Kelly B Glidings displayed sportsmanship and positivity.

What is the recommended kit for long-distance travel and performance?

The sport touring kit by Zippers Performance is highly recommended.

Summary with Timestamps

🏍️ 1:04Comparison of two Harley-Davidson bikes: a 128 Kong and a 124 Road Glide for touring with mild build.
🏍️ 2:54Risky decision to join a group ride with powerful aftermarket bikes.
⚠️ 5:53Regret over succumbing to peer pressure during a friendly race with a friend.
🏍️ 9:54Unexpected challenge during a bike race against Kelly B Glidings with a positive outcome.

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Unleashing the Power: A Review of the Kelly B Glidings 128 Kong vs 124 Road Glide Black Horse RaceAutomotiveAuto Racing
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