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The Heartwarming Story of Gander: A Small Town's Kindness on Broadway

Discover the inspiring tale of how the small town of Gander opened its heart to stranded passengers during the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, leading to a Broadway production that touched the world.

Gander's Hospitality During Crisis

⭐US airspace shutdown led to hundreds of planes being diverted to Gander after 9/11 attacks.

🌟Small town of Gander doubled in population to accommodate 7000 stranded passengers.

✈️Passenger plane diverted from JFK to Gander due to attacks on World Trade Center towers.

Community Support and Gratitude

🀝Family members faced uncertainty while passengers found relief mixed with shock.

🍲Community support in Gander with food donations and assistance was overwhelming.

Impact and Legacy of Gander's Kindness

πŸ—½Gander and Appleton received steel from World Trade Center site as a gesture of gratitude.

πŸ’°Newfoundland hosts refused money for their hospitality, leading to donations for local schools and scholarships.

🎭Two writers turned the story into a musical after being inspired by the events in Gander on 9/11.

Broadway Production and Global Impact

🎬The actors felt emotional boost and pride by performing in Gander.

🎭The producers' decision to bring the musical to Gander was seen as a generous and unprecedented gesture.

πŸ™The citizens of Gander expressed gratitude for the production's portrayal of their town's kindness.


What led to the influx of planes being diverted to Gander after 9/11?

The US airspace shutdown forced hundreds of planes to seek alternative landing locations.

How did the small town of Gander accommodate the stranded passengers?

Gander doubled in population to house 7000 passengers, showcasing remarkable hospitality.

Why did the Newfoundland hosts refuse money for their hospitality?

The hosts believed in the value of kindness over monetary compensation, leading to donations for local causes.

What inspired the creation of a musical based on the events in Gander on 9/11?

Two writers were moved by the kindness and unity displayed in Gander, sparking the idea for a musical.

How did the Broadway production impact the citizens of Gander?

The residents expressed gratitude for the portrayal of their town's compassion and generosity on a global stage.

What emotions did the actors feel while performing in Gander?

The actors experienced a sense of pride and emotional upliftment through their performances in Gander.

What was the significance of bringing the Broadway musical to Gander?

The decision was seen as a generous gesture, showcasing the town's kindness and hospitality to a wider audience.

How did the Gander community support the stranded passengers?

The community rallied together with food donations and assistance, overwhelming the passengers with their kindness.

What legacy did Gander's kindness leave behind?

The town's compassion and unity during crisis inspired acts of generosity and support for refugees globally.

How did the Broadway production impact the O'Rourke family?

The family found joy and healing through the portrayal of their experiences in the Broadway production.

Summary with Timestamps

βš“ 1:35Impact of Gander's hospitality during 9/11 attacks on stranded passengers diverted from JFK.
🌍 5:14Impact of Gander's kindness on stranded passengers and their families during a crisis.
🎭 10:50Impact of Gander's hospitality on 9/11 survivors inspires a Broadway musical.
🎭 15:00Broadway musical based on Gander's kindness brings pride and joy to hometown crowd.
🎭 20:12Impact of Gander's kindness showcased in a Broadway performance.

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