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Royal News Update: Meghan Markle, Royals, and Controversies

Stay updated on the latest royal news involving Meghan Markle, the Royals, and controversial events. From amendments to treason acts to scandalous birthday party invites, this article covers it all.

Royal Updates

Delayed news flash on the ShanAtwood channel.

Upcoming guest Queenie to share views on Meghan Markle and the Royals.

Paula's update on weekend weather with rain starting in the city.

Controversial Events

⚖️Amendment to treason act removed quietly as Megan Markle proclaims her children's titles

⚖️Royal website updated within 24 hours of Megan Markle's proclamation

Family Dynamics

📜Petition requests government to ensure proof of children's lineage

📜Detailed petition highlights Duke and Duchess of Sussex's lack of medical signatures for children

📜Importance of obtaining medical signatures to validate children's place in line of succession

Celebrity Encounters

🎉Kardashians invited to Archie's birthday party, replacing the royal family

🎉Speculation on potential reality TV show featuring Meghan Markle's ventures


What sparked controversy at Gwyneth Paltrow's dinner?

Megan and Oprah being snubbed

Why was the royal website updated after Megan Markle's proclamation?

To reflect her children's titles

What caused tensions over the King's brother living in a mansion?

Neglect of promised upkeep

Why did Megan Markle choose Nigeria for her children's trip?

To spark debate

What led to frustration among wounded War veterans?

Princess Megan's mishandling of veterans

Why were the Kardashians excluded from Archie's party?

Causing uproar

What challenges did the YouTubers face with content removal?

YouTube rules

Why did doctors proceed with water birthing despite complications?

Rushed process

What are the insights on the monetization of the monarchy?

Zara Phillips' commercial activities

What could influence Megan to attend the UK event?

Being denied by American friends

Summary with Timestamps

👑 0:06Discussion on upcoming guest Queenie's views on Meghan Markle and the Royals, delayed news flash, and weekend update on rainy weather.
👑 7:33Amendment to treason act quietly removed as Meghan Markle proclaims her children as prince and princess.
👑 15:16Petition calls for removal of Archie and Lillibet from line of succession due to lack of medical signatures.
👑 22:59Controversy over Meghan Markle taking children to Nigeria instead of UK for Archie's birthday with Kardashians replacing royal family.
🤯 30:34Controversial details about Meghan Markle's childbirth process and quick return home

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