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Top Current Affairs Highlights of May 3, 2024 | Must-Know Updates for All Exams

Stay updated with the latest current affairs highlights from May 3, 2024, covering important appointments, economic reports, and significant events. This article provides a concise summary of key points to help you ace your exams and stay informed.

Appointments and Resignations

🌟Manish Desai and Jayshree Das Verma appointed as National Presidents of FICCI Ladies Organization.

πŸ”ΉGirija Subramanyan appointed as CMD of Short FEO, replacing Neeraj Kapoor.

πŸ’ΌRaj Kapoor Fine, Bhupesh Sushil Rahul appointed as CMDs in different insurance companies.

Achievements and Recognitions

πŸ†Adani Green Energy receives a record loan sanction from IRDA in financial year 2023-24.

πŸ“ŠIRDA sanctioned a loan of 354 billion rupees in financial year 2023-24.

πŸ“ˆIRDA had sanctioned a loan of 773 billion rupees in the previous financial year.

Notable Events and Announcements

🌏NPCI collaborated with Bank of Namibia to create a payment system similar to UPI.

πŸ’΅Introduction of a new currency note of 1000 denomination.

Economic Insights and Analysis

πŸ’°IMF predicts 4.5% growth for Asia-Pacific region in 2024, influenced by China and India.

πŸ“‰Indian jewelry export decreased from 313925 crore to 265187 crore, showing a significant decline.


When was NPCI established and where is its headquarters located?

NPCI was established in 2008 with headquarters in Mumbai.

Who were appointed as the National Presidents of FICCI Ladies Organization?

Manish Desai and Jayshree Das Verma.

What is the predicted growth rate for the Asia-Pacific region in 2024 according to IMF?

IMF predicts a growth rate of 4.5%.

What led to the decrease in Indian jewelry export according to data analysis?

A decline in diamond exports resulted in a 12.17% decrease in jewelry export.

Which organization released the Economic Outlook report?

OICD released the Economic Outlook report.

Who is the Secretary-General of OICD?

Mathias Cormann.

What event is Guwahati hosting?

Guwahati is hosting the BWF World Junior Badminton Championship.

When was ICC established and where is its headquarters located?

ICC was established on June 15, 1909, with headquarters in Dubai, UAE.

Who was named the Brand Ambassador of Space India?

Sanjana Sanghi.

What important news segments will now include statistical data for better understanding?

Important news segments.

Summary with Timestamps

πŸ“° 01:03Insights on current affairs updates and content strategy for viewers.
πŸ“° 5:48Key Appointments and Changes in Leadership in Various Companies in May 2024.
πŸ“° 11:54Key Appointments, International Recognition, and Space Missions discussed in current affairs.
πŸ’‘ 18:46Insurance regulator IRDA sanctions record loan of 354 billion rupees to Adani Green Energy in financial year 2023-24.
🌟 24:03Children are fearless and motivated to explore, lacking external constraints and seeking self-motivation.

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