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Campus Crackdown: Police Raids at Columbia & CCNY for Gaza Encampments

Learn about the recent police raids at Columbia and CCNY to dismantle Gaza solidarity encampments, the university president's controversial decision, and the aftermath of the crackdown.

Police Raid and University President's Intervention

โš ๏ธRaid by police officers in riot gear to dismantle Gaza solidarity encampments.

๐Ÿš”University president called for police intervention citing 'clear and present danger'.

๐ŸŽ“Police presence requested on campus until after graduation.

Solidarity and Support

๐ŸŒTom emphasizes importance of Palestinian liberation for collective freedom.

๐ŸคBrown University Alum expresses solidarity for friend's hardships on Palestine.

Student Experiences during Raid

๐ŸซColumbia student pushed into nearby buildings during the raid.

๐ŸŽฅColumbia journalism student witnessed the event by staying in the building.

Consequences and Reactions

โŒStudents may face suspension due to arbitrary actions by the university.

๐Ÿ‘ฎโ€โ™‚๏ธUniversity president accused of suppressing student activism through police intervention.

๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐ŸซFaculty condemned police raids and tried to protect students during the crackdown.


What led to the police raid at Columbia and CCNY?

The university president cited a 'clear and present danger' posed by the Gaza solidarity encampments.

How did students react to the crackdown?

Some students faced suspension while faculty condemned the police raids and tried to protect them.

Were there any notable supporters of the solidarity movement?

Tom emphasized the importance of Palestinian liberation, and a Brown University Alum expressed solidarity for a friend's hardships on Palestine.

What were the consequences of the raid?

Students faced suspension, the university president was accused of suppressing activism, and personal information exposed online led to death threats and harassment.

How did the university respond to the aftermath of the crackdown?

The university requested police presence until after graduation to prevent reestablishment of solidarity encampments.

Were there any legal actions taken against the university?

Students may face suspension due to arbitrary actions by the university, and faculty condemned the police raids.

What distinguishes anti-Zionism from anti-Semitism on campus?

The presence of anti-Zionist Jewish voice on campus highlights the distinction between the two.

How did the personal information exposure affect the students?

It led to death threats and harassment, with a lack of university protection.

What support did the students receive during the crackdown?

Some faculty tried to protect students during the police raids.

What was the role of the Columbia journalism student during the raid?

Julian Goodman had access to witness the event by staying in the building the night before.

Summary with Timestamps

โš ๏ธ 0:00Police crackdown on university encampments leads to over 300 arrests in New York City.
โš–๏ธ 3:59Support for Palestinian students amid campus crackdowns due to Gaza encampments clearance.
๐ŸŽ“ 8:26Columbia journalism students witness police raid on campus during ongoing student protest.
โš–๏ธ 12:24University president's actions spark student backlash and potential suspensions amid faculty support and police intervention.

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Campus Crackdown: Police Raids at Columbia & CCNY for Gaza EncampmentsPoliticsPolitical Activism
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