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Palestinian Activism at Columbia University: A Closer Look

Discover the ongoing student protests at Columbia University in support of Palestine, their impact on campus activism, and the historical significance of the movement.

Columbia University Protests

⚠️Columbia University crackdown on student protests escalates with demonstrators occupying a building.

πŸ”₯Protests in support of Palestine at US college campuses intensify, drawing inspiration from Columbia University's ongoing encampment.

πŸŽ™οΈInsights on the Columbia University protests by Ashish Malhotra, a producer at The Take.

Student Resistance

❌University rejects divestment from Israel, sparking student protests.

🏫Students occupy Hamilton Hall and rename it in honor of a Gaza victim.

🌍Significance of renaming Edward Said's former office in the context of Palestinian activism.

Activism and Youth Engagement

πŸ‘ŠUniversity activism against administration and atrocities.

🌟Post-pandemic world changes and impressive youth involvement.

πŸ‘Impressed by energetic and organized protestors at the protest.

Historical Reflections

🌿Family tradition of advocating for Palestinian rights from childhood to marriage.

πŸ’”Reflection on the ongoing and painful struggle for Palestinian rights.


What sparked the student protests at Columbia University?

The university's rejection of divestment from Israel.

Why did students rename Hamilton Hall?

In honor of a Gaza victim.

Who provided insights on the Columbia University protests?

Ashish Malhotra, a producer at The Take.

What is the significance of renaming Edward Said's former office?

It symbolizes Palestinian activism on campus.

How has youth involvement changed post-pandemic?

It has become more organized and impactful.

What historical traditions influence the current protests?

A family legacy of advocating for Palestinian rights.

Are the current protests reminiscent of past movements?

Yes, they share similarities with protests from the 60s and 70s.

What emotions do the protestors evoke?

Admiration for their courage and dedication to education.

How does the university's response compare to previous protests?

It mirrors past instances of heavy police presence and resistance.

What inspires the ongoing student activism?

The ongoing and painful struggle for Palestinian rights.

Summary with Timestamps

⚠️ 0:28Growing protests at US universities, including Columbia, over Palestinian solidarity spark tensions and arrests.
πŸŽ“ 2:58Protests escalate as university refuses divestment from Israel, leading to student occupations and symbolic gestures.
⚑️ 6:07University activism against administration, post-pandemic changes, and impressed by youth involvement.
βš–οΈ 9:59University response to protests and comparison to past movements.

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