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Unlocking the Secrets: Adam Savage's Miniature Vault Door Build Revealed!

Discover the fascinating journey of Adam Savage as he delves into the intricate world of crafting miniature vault doors. From cutting through cast iron to mastering gear teeth, this project is a testament to precision and creativity.

Sawing Through History

βš™οΈAdam Savage is sawing through a large piece of cast iron for the project.

πŸ”Obsession with vault doors started in the early 90s while in a bank.

Crafting Security

πŸ›‘οΈCompanies making round vault doors today use rods attached to pins for door security.

πŸ”¨The doors are made of steel plates filled with rebar and concrete to prevent drilling.

Precision Engineering

βš™οΈUsing new tiny cutters for gear teeth

βš™οΈSetting up mill for rotary table

πŸ”Planning to call company historian about vault designs

Gear Cutting Mastery

βš™οΈA dividing head is a geared system used to divide a circle into precise increments for gear cutting.

βš™οΈIt allows for cutting prime number gears and base 12 gears, with the advantage of aligning pins for specific points.

βš™οΈThe dividing plate in the machine divides at every 15 degrees, enabling accurate gear tooth cutting.


What materials are used to make the vault doors?

The doors are made of steel plates filled with rebar and concrete.

How does Adam achieve precise gear tooth cutting?

By using a dividing head system that divides the circle into precise increments.

When did Adam's obsession with vault doors begin?

In the early 90s while working in a bank.

What is the purpose of rods attached to pins in modern vault doors?

They enhance door security by preventing unauthorized access.

What is the significance of calling the company historian about vault designs?

To gain insights and historical context for the project.

How does the dividing plate in the machine aid in accurate gear cutting?

It divides the circle at every 15 degrees, ensuring precise tooth cutting.

Why is cutting prime number gears and base 12 gears advantageous?

It allows for specific alignment of pins for gear cutting.

What is the main tool used for cutting gear teeth in the project?

New tiny cutters are utilized for gear tooth cutting.

What brings joy and satisfaction to Adam during the crafting process?

Achieving precise measurements for the gear creation.

What is the purpose of setting up the mill for the rotary table?

To facilitate the gear cutting process with precision.

Summary with Timestamps

πŸ” 0:13Fascination with vault doors leads to a mini build project.
πŸ”’ 4:28Modern round vault doors for billionaire hideouts use a unique mechanism involving rods and ring gears.
βš™οΈ 7:44Adam Savage using new tiny cutters for gear teeth, setting up mill for rotary table, and planning to call company historian.
βš™οΈ 13:34Overview of a Dividing Head for Precision Gear Cutting

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