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Unveiling the Journey of Bobby Green: A Tale of Music, Boxing, and Resilience

Join hosts P Nice and Tati as they delve into the captivating story of guest Bobby Green, exploring his experiences in the music industry, boxing ring, and overcoming challenges with resilience. Discover the highs and lows of Bobby's journey and the lessons learned along the way.

Musical Vibes and Industry Clout

Initial dislike of new music transformed into appreciation through repeated listens.

Preference for Drake's music over Kendrick Lamar's due to personal connection and vibe.

Striving for recognition in the music industry with a blue rag on.

Reflecting on past experiences and growth in the music scene.

Battling Adversities in Boxing

⚔️Unfair treatment and cheating impacting boxers' earnings and motivation.

⚔️Lack of support from peers after a defeat affecting boxers.

⚔️Harsh judgment faced by boxers after a single loss in the industry.

Facing Legal Challenges with Fortitude

⚖️Nervousness and anxiety about potential long prison sentence and uncertain future.

⚖️Need for mental strength in coping with legal uncertainties.

Life Lessons and Aspirations

🌟Importance of new generation fighters in captivating audiences like Muhammad Ali.

🌟Emphasis on blend of skills, speed, power, and talent for MMA success.


How long has Bobby Green been fighting professionally?

Bobby Green has been fighting professionally for 16 years since 2008.

What is Bobby Green's ultimate goal before retiring?

His ultimate goal before retiring is to own a house.

Summary with Timestamps

🎙️ 0:00Discussion with Bobby Green on The CEO Podcast, featuring hosts P Nice and Tati, sharing updates and good vibes.
🎵 9:15Discussion on comparing new music releases, particularly between Drake and Kendrick Lamar.
💰 17:54Rise of a former square in the hood striving for recognition and success in the music industry.
💰 26:49Discussion about winning a billion dollars, using it for medical treatment, and transforming physically.
🥊 36:09Discussion on unfair treatment in boxing, impact of losing a match, and lack of support in the industry.

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Unveiling the Journey of Bobby Green: A Tale of Music, Boxing, and ResilienceSportsAthlete Profiles
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