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Mastering Reasoning for UP Constable RE Exam: Tips and Tricks

Get ready to ace the UP Constable RE Exam reasoning section with expert guidance from Preeti Mam. This article covers essential topics such as counting figures, calendar calculations, and solid figures. Dive into the key points and FAQs to boost your preparation today!

Counting Figures and Triangles

πŸ”Discussion on various types of questions related to counting of figures

πŸ”’Adding numbers and counting triangles in a given figure

πŸ”ΊDiscussion on forming triangles with straight lines

πŸ”„Possible errors in the practice set are identified and need to be checked for accuracy.

🧠Trick for remembering the first day of a century starting from Monday to Saturday.

Calendar Calculations

πŸ“…Practice session involves calculating days between specific dates

πŸ”„Calendar repeats every 6 years if leap year has an extra day

❓Challenge to identify the leap year among given days of the week.

πŸ”Calendar repeats every 28 years if leap year has four additional days

πŸ”Understanding how to calculate the day of the week for a specific date in a different year

Solid Figures and Properties

πŸ”ΊUnderstanding the concept of solid figures and their properties is crucial for solving questions.

πŸ“The formula for total volume of a cube involves the cube of the length of its side.

πŸ”²Revision of formulas for calculating volume of different geometric shapes is recommended.


How can I improve my counting figures skills?

Practice regularly and focus on identifying different shapes accurately.

Is it necessary to memorize calendar repetition patterns?

Understanding the patterns can help in quicker calculations.

What is the significance of solid figures in reasoning?

Solid figures concepts are often tested in competitive exams for logical reasoning.

How can I remember volume formulas easily?

Try creating mnemonic devices or practice using flashcards.

Are there any shortcuts for calendar calculations?

Learning tricks like Zeller's Congruence can simplify day-of-the-week calculations.

What should I do if I encounter errors in practice sets?

Double-check your calculations and seek clarification from the instructor if needed.

Can I use online resources for additional practice?

Supplement your learning with online quizzes and tutorials for extra practice.

How important is it to understand the concept of leap years?

Leap years play a crucial role in calendar calculations, so a clear understanding is essential.

Should I focus more on theoretical concepts or practical calculations?

A balance of both theoretical understanding and practical application is key to mastering reasoning skills.

What is the best way to approach complex geometry questions?

Break down the problem into smaller steps and apply the relevant formulas systematically.

Summary with Timestamps

πŸ“š 00:23Practice session focusing on counting of figures and related questions in UP Constable exam preparation.
πŸ”’ 7:08Solving mathematical reasoning questions involving addition and counting of triangles.
🧠 13:51Logical reasoning practice session for upcoming UP Constable exam with focus on triangles and lines.
🧠 19:03Logical reasoning practice session focusing on calculating days between years and determining the day of the week.
πŸ—“οΈ 25:20Understanding calendar repetition based on leap years and additional days in Hindi.

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