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7 Shocking Driving Incidents Caught on Dash Cam

Discover the jaw-dropping moments captured on dash cams, from near collisions to dangerous maneuvers. Learn from these real-life experiences and stay safe on the road.

Distracted Driving Drama

⚠️The driver was not paying attention and was focused on their phone.

😱The driver was surprised and couldn't believe what happened.

πŸŽ₯The driver realized they were rear-ended after checking their dash cam footage.

Highway Havoc

πŸš›The driver narrowly avoids a collision with a truck.

πŸ“ΉThe witness mentions the importance of having the incident captured on video.

🚚The truck swerves to avoid a crash on the other side of the road.


What should I do if I witness a dangerous driving incident?

Pull over to a safe location and report the incident to the authorities or submit the footage as evidence.

How can I avoid distractions while driving?

Put your phone on silent and out of reach, and focus on the road at all times.

Is it legal to reverse on the highway?

No, reversing on the highway is dangerous and illegal.

What should I do when encountering slow drivers on the on-ramp?

Merge safely and maintain a safe following distance, avoiding aggressive maneuvers.

How can I prepare for driving in snowy conditions?

Consider taking a snowdrifting driving course and drive at a slower speed for better control.

Summary with Timestamps

😱 0:15The driver in the video was not paying attention and got rear-ended while focused on their phone.
πŸš— 3:19The video shows a near miss accident on the road.
πŸš” 6:44The speaker talks about the feeling of anxiety when driving and seeing police cars behind them.
πŸš— 10:22The speaker discusses their frustration with drivers who lack urgency on the highway.
😑 14:48A driver reverses on a busy highway causing confusion and frustration.

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7 Shocking Driving Incidents Caught on Dash Cam

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