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Unleashing the Thrill of Snow Drifting: A Glimpse into F.A.T. Ice Race

Experience the adrenaline-pumping world of snow drifting with F.A.T. Ice Race, a renowned logistics company deeply rooted in motorsport. Join Ferdi Porsche as he delves into the history and passion driving this exhilarating event, featuring a lineup of high-performance vehicles tearing up the icy track.

F.A.T. International Legacy

F.A.T. International's origins as a logistics company sponsoring motorsport events like Le Mans.

Insight into the company's history and motorsport involvement by Ferdi Porsche.

E-Ray: A Playful Driving Experience

Enjoy a playful driving experience with E-Ray's smooth steering and heated seats.

Lineup of high-performance cars like Porsche 356 and Rivian showcased on the snowy track.

Custom-Built Powerhouses on Ice

Rear-wheel drive car with bespoke suspension and LED lights designed for snow drifting.

Experience the legendary Audi Sport Quattro S1 with over 600 horsepower and all-wheel drive.

Innovative Race Truck Features

Custom-built race truck featuring a Defender tribute body.

Mid-mounted supercharged V8 engine and unique suspension for unparalleled performance.


What is the inspiration behind F.A.T. Ice Race?

The event draws inspiration from F.A.T. International's legacy in motorsport.

How long did it take to complete the custom chassis of the showcased car?

The project spanned over a year and a half for completion.

Who drives the Audi Sport Quattro S1 with over 600 horsepower?

The legendary Dindo Capello takes the wheel of this powerhouse.

What sets E-Ray apart in terms of driving experience?

E-Ray offers a playful driving experience with smooth steering and heated seats.

What makes the custom-built race truck unique?

The race truck features a Defender tribute body and a mid-mounted supercharged V8 engine.

How does F.A.T. International contribute to motorsport events?

F.A.T. International sponsors events like Le Mans and is deeply involved in motorsport.

What kind of cars are showcased on the snowy track?

Various high-performance cars including Porsche 356 and Rivian are showcased.

Who shares the history and involvement of F.A.T. Ice Race?

Ferdi Porsche, the mastermind behind F.A.T. Ice Race, shares the company's history.

What features make the custom-built rear-wheel drive car stand out?

The car boasts bespoke suspension, LED lights, and is designed for snow drifting.

What feedback was received on the competition specs of the showcased car?

Positive feedback was received on throttle smoothness and competition specs.

Summary with Timestamps

🏎️ 1:05Insight into F.A.T. Ice Race origins and significance in motorsport history.
🚗 4:12Snow drifting experience with various high-performance cars on snow and ice.
🚗 08:01Exploring high-performance cars in snowy conditions, including a custom-built rear-wheel drive vehicle and a legendary Audi Sport Quattro S1.
🚗 11:54Custom-built race truck with a Defender tribute body, featuring a mid-mounted supercharged V8 engine and unique suspension.

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Unleashing the Thrill of Snow Drifting: A Glimpse into F.A.T. Ice RaceAutomotiveAuto Racing
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