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Luxury Car Modification: Inside Look at Urban Automotive and Platinum Motorsport

Discover the world of luxury car modification with a behind-the-scenes look at two industry giants, Urban Automotive and Platinum Motorsport. From attending the prestigious SEMA show to collaborating with celebrities, these companies are at the forefront of the car modification industry.

Urban Automotive: Global Luxury Vehicle Modification

⭐️Urban Automotive is a renowned luxury vehicle modifier, specializing in Land Rover and other top brands.

πŸš—They have expanded their expertise to include Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Mercedes, Audi, and VW.

🌟Their recent experience at the SEMA show has been the highlight of their journey since the company's inception.

Platinum Motorsport: Leading the US Car Modification Industry

🏎️Platinum Motorsport is a major player in the US car modification scene, attracting attention from car enthusiasts worldwide.

🀝The team's successful trip to SEMA showcases their dedication to innovation and excellence in car modification.

πŸŒ†Visiting their workshop in Beverly Hills provides a glimpse into their thriving business and passion for cars.


What sets Urban Automotive apart from other car modifiers?

Urban Automotive's expertise in modifying luxury vehicles, including top brands like Land Rover and Lamborghini, sets them apart in the industry.

How does Platinum Motorsport stand out in the US car modification industry?

Platinum Motorsport's commitment to innovation and their successful trip to SEMA demonstrate their leadership in the US car modification scene.

What can visitors expect when visiting Platinum Motorsport's workshop in Beverly Hills?

Visitors can experience the thriving business and passion for cars at Platinum Motorsport's workshop in Beverly Hills.

Which celebrities have collaborated with Urban Automotive and Platinum Motorsport?

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian have showcased Urban Automotive and Platinum Motorsport's merchandise, leading to rapid sell-outs and increased brand visibility.

What opportunities for expansion does Urban Automotive's workshop hold?

Urban Automotive's workshop has potential for expansion and currently houses personal toys, reflecting the owner's ongoing involvement and passion for car modification.

Summary with Timestamps

πŸš— 0:00Urban Automotive is a luxury vehicle modifier that supplies parts globally and modifies a wide range of luxury vehicles.
πŸš— 5:44The YouTuber visits Platinum Motorsport in LA and talks about their success in the car modification industry.
πŸŽ₯ 10:42The video shows a convoy of cars driving through Beverly Hills and the tourists visiting the Hollywood sign.
πŸ€” 14:50The video features a tour of a car modification workshop and an interview with the owner.

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Luxury Car Modification: Inside Look at Urban Automotive and Platinum Motorsport

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