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Revamping Your Ride: A Prelude to Better Performance and Style

Join Braven on his journey to upgrade his Prelude with new wheels, coilovers, and more! Discover the importance of wheel liners, handling improvements, and potential collaborations in the automotive community.

Braven's Plan and Tire Upgrade

⏰Braven plans to leave for work at 11:00 AM.

πŸš—Acquired a set of used tires for a good deal, ready for installation on the Prelude.

Enhancing Performance and Style

πŸ”§Importance of wheel liner for wire protection and cleaner look

πŸš—Plans to lower the vehicle and stiffen the ride for better performance

πŸŽ₯Excitement about featuring a Prelude on the channel and potential collaborations

Tire Upgrades and Coilover Discussions

πŸ’‘Discussion on tire upgrades and plans for coilovers

πŸ”§Preparations for getting new tires for the car

Dealing with Bondo and Car Door Repair

πŸšͺSignificant amount of Bondo found on the car door, up to half an inch thick

πŸ”Considering finding a new door due to extensive damage and Bondo coverage


What time does Braven plan to leave for work?

Braven plans to leave for work at 11:00 AM.

What is the importance of wheel liners?

Wheel liners provide wire protection and a cleaner look for the vehicle.

What upgrades is Braven planning for his car?

Braven plans to lower the vehicle, stiffen the ride, and install new tires and coilovers for better performance.

Why is Braven excited about featuring the Prelude on his channel?

Braven is excited to showcase the Prelude and potentially collaborate with others in the automotive community.

What was found on the car door during inspection?

A significant amount of Bondo, possibly up to half an inch thick, was found on the car door.

Why is Braven considering finding a new door?

Due to the extensive damage and Bondo coverage, Braven is considering finding a new door for the car.

Where does Braven live?

Braven mentioned living far away on 16th Street, making a visit inconvenient.

What are Braven's plans for addressing the lumpy areas on the door?

Braven plans to remove the door to access the backside for repairs and address the lumpy areas.

Summary with Timestamps

πŸš— 1:11Morning plans include working on the Prelude and possibly the Camaro, with a focus on wheels and paint preparation.
βš™οΈ 6:02Discussion about upgrading wheels and lowering the vehicle for improved performance.
πŸš— 12:22Discussion on tire upgrades and plans for coilovers, followed by preparations for getting new tires for the car.
πŸš— 19:33Discovery of excessive Bondo on the car door, potentially requiring replacement.

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Revamping Your Ride: A Prelude to Better Performance and StyleAutomotiveCar Customization
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