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Exploring Ottawa Bookstores: A Book Lover's Guide

Join a passionate book lover on a journey through Ottawa's bookstores and libraries as she shares tips on finding the best reads and supporting local authors.

Discovering New Book Shopping Spots

πŸ“šThe YouTuber showcases different bookstores in Ottawa for unique book shopping experiences.

πŸ“–Expressing love for reading and rediscovering it after graduating in 2019.

Smart Book Shopping Strategies

πŸ”Utilizing local libraries and Libby app for book options before making purchases.

πŸ“šPreferring secondhand books and library selections over new purchases.

πŸ’‘Exploring Facebook Marketplace for specific book purchases.

πŸ“šDiscovering Amazon's used book program for great deals.

πŸ“šSupporting Ottawa authors by buying books during local interviews.

Exciting Book Finds and Recommendations

πŸ“šPicking up promising reads from the library and anticipating top-rated ones.

πŸ“šExploring literary fiction recommendations like 'Boy Parts' and 'A Certain Hunger'.

πŸ“šDelving into unhinged female literary fiction recommendations from Instagram followers.


What are the YouTuber's favorite book genres?

The YouTuber enjoys a variety of genres but particularly loves literary fiction and fantasy.

How does the YouTuber decide which books to buy?

She often checks local libraries, uses the Libby app, and explores secondhand options before making purchases.

Where does the YouTuber find specific book purchases?

She utilizes Facebook Marketplace for hard-to-find books.

How does the YouTuber support local authors?

She buys books from Ottawa authors during interviews and events.

What kind of book recommendations does the YouTuber receive on Instagram?

She receives recommendations for unhinged female literary fiction.

Summary with Timestamps

πŸ“š 0:14Exploring various bookstores in Ottawa with a book lover, sharing recommendations and excitement for a day of book shopping.
πŸ“š 2:49Exploring book options at local libraries before purchasing new books to reduce excess buying and donations.
πŸ“š 5:42Exploring various sources for book finds, from thrift stores to Facebook Marketplace, to build a diverse collection.
πŸ“š 11:43Bookstore visit for book shopping, joint book haul, and library holds pick-up.
πŸ“š 14:24Exploring used book options, finding new reads, and enjoying a promising library find.

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