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Exploring the Daily Life in Fairbanks Alaska

Join me on a journey through a day in Fairbanks, Alaska, filled with laundry, pet care, food preparation, and community donations.

Laundry Mat Adventures

⏰First stop of the day at a new launder mat in Fairbanks

πŸ’³Feeding the machine to add funds into the card

Pet Care Routine

πŸ’°Bringing Lulu along on short trips to avoid leaving her alone in a dog cage

Food Preparation

πŸ₯©Processing purchased beef for long-term storage

πŸ₯šChecking on chickens and collecting eggs

πŸ”Mixing and feeding the chickens

Grocery Shopping Insights

πŸ•Purchasing individual pizzas in boxes of 12 at a decent price

πŸ’ΈNoticing the impact of inflation on prices, like $30 for an 18-count of Charmin


What is the cost of laundry machines in Fairbanks?

$15 per load for washers and $2.67 for every 10 minutes for dryers

How do you prepare eggs for consumption?

Mixing them and showing a daily routine

What is the process of dry brining steaks?

Extracts water, enhances flavor, then vacuum sealed for storage

How many turkeys were donated to the Fairbanks Food Bank?

63 turkeys

What was the successful donation at rcpc?

Arrival at rcpc with a successful donation

Summary with Timestamps

⏰ 0:22Morning routine at a new launder mat in Fairbanks, Alaska.
πŸ• 3:07Laundry and Pet Care Routine in Fairbanks Alaska
πŸ” 6:04A glimpse into daily routines in Fairbanks, Alaska including processing beef, checking on chickens, and collecting eggs.
πŸ₯š 9:08Routine care for chickens in Fairbanks Alaska includes feeding a diverse bug mix and collecting eggs.
πŸ›’ 12:21Shopping for groceries at the commissary in Fairbanks, Alaska, showing deals and prices.

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