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Unveiling the Mysteries of Peace Centre: A Haunting Experience

Discover the chilling supernatural events experienced by security personnel and residents at Peace Centre, Singapore. From unexplained phenomena to eerie encounters, this article delves into the haunting mysteries surrounding this location.

Supernatural Encounters

πŸ‘»Supernatural events experienced by security supervisor and staff despite tenants leaving

πŸ‘»Unexplained phenomena continue at Peace Centre, causing unease among security personnel

Eerie Patrol Experiences

πŸ‘»Security personnel experiencing chills and feeling of being watched while patrolling

πŸ‘»Incidents of shadows and feeling of being followed during patrols, despite attempts to ignore

πŸ‘»Previous incidents centered around the car park area, with similar eerie experiences reported

Nocturnal Disturbances

πŸŒ™Residents complain of continuous knocking sounds from 2-4am, lasting for 2 hours

πŸŒ™Security personnel also experience chilling sensations while patrolling, suspecting a presence

Unseen Entities

πŸ‘οΈReports of doll moving on its own at night near bushes

πŸ‘οΈWitnesses experiencing presence of unseen entity while washing cars late at night

πŸ‘οΈRed eyes observed on CCTV at a previously manned counter, despite no one being present


What kind of supernatural events have been experienced at Peace Centre?

Various unexplained phenomena such as shadows, chills, and feelings of being watched have been reported by security personnel and residents.

Are there specific areas within Peace Centre where eerie encounters occur?

Previous incidents have been centered around the car park area, with reports of chilling sensations and sightings of unseen entities.

Do residents also experience paranormal activities at Peace Centre?

Yes, residents have complained of knocking sounds during the early hours of the morning, along with chilling sensations and suspicions of a presence.

Have there been any sightings of supernatural entities at Peace Centre?

Witnesses have reported seeing a doll moving on its own, experiencing the presence of unseen entities, and observing red eyes on CCTV footage in unoccupied areas.

Summary with Timestamps

πŸ‘» 0:31Supernatural occurrences unsettle security supervisor at Peace Centre despite tenants moving out.
πŸ‘» 2:53Unexplained paranormal activity reported at Peace Centre, causing unease among security personnel.
πŸ‘» 5:47Mysterious nocturnal knocking sounds reported at Peace Centre, but no source found during checks.
πŸ‘» 7:47Mysterious occurrences in an empty building, where strange sounds and feelings unsettle the lone explorer.

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