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Exploring the Fascinating World of Fishing in the Soviet Union

Discover the captivating personal experiences of fishing in the Soviet Union from 1971 to 1991, as shared by the speaker. Gain insights into the traditional fishing methods, prized catches, and unique fishing techniques that were prevalent during this era.

Traditional Fishing Methods and Recreational Activities

βš“οΈFishing with primitive fishing poles and flatbottom wooden boats.

🏞️Recreational fishing along river banks and combining it with swimming and tanning.

🎣Use of fishing nets and the significance of using a grandparent's boat for fishing.

Unique Catches and Fishing Techniques

🐟The prized catch of the premium fish plotka and the less preferred fish piscar.

🍲Making fish broth and the alternative fishing method of spinning.

🎣The sensitivity of fish to noise and motion in rivers, and the effective technique of using two people to fish.


What were the traditional fishing tools used in the Soviet Union?

Fishing was done with primitive fishing poles and flatbottom wooden boats.

What were the prized and less preferred catches during this era?

The premium fish plotka was considered a prized catch, while the fish piscar was not preferred by the speaker.

What recreational activities were combined with fishing?

Fishing was often combined with swimming and tanning in the summer.

What was the alternative fishing method mentioned?

An alternative fishing method is spinning, where two people use a common fishing line with attached fishing lines and hooks.

How did people illegally fish and forage for food during the famine?

People illegally fished and foraged for food in the forests and rivers, using a fishing net called a so-callbreing to catch fish.

Summary with Timestamps

🎣 0:23The video discusses the differences in fishing mentality and strategy between the Soviet Union and the United States.
πŸ€” 4:59The speaker reminisces about fishing as a child in Ukraine, using primitive fishing poles and boats.
🎣 9:47The speaker discusses different types of fish they catch while fishing, including the premium fish plotka and the less desirable fish piscar.
🎣 14:57The speaker talks about fishing in a remote area where fishing nets are commonly used, but his friend's grandpa used a fishing pole to catch a rare fish called European perch.
🐟 20:46The video discusses making fish broth and different fishing techniques.

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Exploring the Fascinating World of Fishing in the Soviet Union

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